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What is Ultrasound? 

Ultrasound is simply high frequency sounds waves above the range that we can hear. It is applied to the body from the 'head' of an ultrasound machine. A gel is used to help the waves travel into the body rather than be reflected off the skin.

What are the benefits of ultrasound?

Increased blood supply which promotes healing, produces a pain killing effect which can reduce muscle spasm, and promote normal funtion, softens fibrous tissues and scar tissue which are formed during healing.

 How is it used? 

The therapist will apply a little gel to the skin and place the head of the ultrasound machine on the skin. Usually it will be moved in small circles. Treatment time can vary according to the injury but is usually about a 10-15 minutes. Ultrasound can be applied in two modes, pulsed and continuous. With continuous the beam of ultrasound waves are constant. This means that heat will be transferred to the body tissues. Pulsed means the waves go in short pulses which prevents the tissues heating.