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We believe that a good night of restful sleep is very important to your overall health and well-being.

Sleeping position is very important to the spine with all of the muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc. that are responsible for moving and maintaining its integrity.  The wrong position putting abnormal stress to the spine for a prolonged period of time can wreak havoc to the joints, ligaments and muscles in the neck, midback and lowback.

A proper pillow is important to help the neck remain in a neutral position while you sleep.  Without the proper posture in the sleeping position, your neck muscles, tendons and ligaments will be stretched for prolonged periods of time causing fatigue. When muscles are stretched for a long period of time, a spasm will occur.  This is when you wake up with a "STIFF NECK".

The ChiroFLow pillow comprises three therapies in ONE proven pillow:                    Neck Pain Relief + Improved sleep + Superior Comfort.

The pillow that is completely adjustable to fit your personal needs. 

This pillow has a water reservoir that can be filled with as much water as necessary to achieve the proper fit that your neck needs.

CLICK HERE to see a video about how it works!!